Jamie Skinner

Over recent years, Exeter’s Jamie Skinner has been leading the charge of young local riders. He’s got 24 years under his belt of which 11 have been on a BMX and his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Now, with stylish new edits popping up on the net and double page adverts appearing in magazines, the boy is making a name for himself.

IMG_7419Who are your sponsors?
The Boarding House, CSG and Radio Bikes

Who do you ride with?

“Besides Harry Mills Wakley and James Holmes, I ride with a lot of different people but most of the time with James curry, Keith Barlow, Reece Parr.”

Who are the best local riders?
“I would say that the level of riding in Exeter is of a pretty high standard, I think to single out one person would be too hard. Everyone is the best in their own way.”

IMG_6118What trips have you done?
“We went over to Estonia at the beginning of the year to watch simple sessions and went up to Liverpool last month to visit Harry for a weekend. Just got back from Scotland, after spending 9 days riding unit23, which is the largest skate park in the UK. On the way back we stopped off in Liverpool for 2 days and went to check out a BMX jam in Chester. Was a great day and we all came away with cash and beer prizes.”

Any trips planned?
“So far the only plans I have is to go to Barcelona at the beginning of next year and to Estonia in March to simple session. I’m sure that there will be many more trips throughout the year.”

IMG_7026What else do you do besides riding?
“If I’m not riding my bike I’m working, eating, sleeping or driving 100 miles plus to ride.”

Who are the photographers you work with?
Before Tom goldsmith went to Uni in Cardiff last year I used to shoot photos with him every week. Other that Tom I haven’t really shot any photos for a while.

IMG_6535Best competition results?
“Last month I and Harry mills were asked by our sponsor the boarding house to represent them in a BMX shop battle where we battle it out against other riders from shops all over the UK. I was so surprised that we managed to get all the way to the semi-finals before getting knocked out.”

What are the worst injuries you’ve sustained and how?
“I’ve had quite a few injures but I think the worse one would have to be a broken leg when I was 16, I snapped my tibia and fibula. I spent two weeks in hospital. Operation to put two plates and 6 pins and it took nearly a year before I could get back onto the bike.”

Mr Skinner is also the main man behind the Cookie Jam, a yearly event held at a local skate park based at Exeter’s main sporting Arena. The jam celebrates his good friend Jamie Bruce who sadly passed away in 2009.
“We build a sick ghetto ramp set up in the skate park, every year being bigger and better than the last. We ask all the big BMX companies and smaller local shops to help out with prizes, they never let us down. The amount of people that turn up is awesome and the atmosphere is crazy.
Throughout the day we hold different jams on different ramps around the park, at the end of the day the judges decide who they thought was the best under 16/over 16 rider of the day to get their names put on the cookie jam trophy which is in the local BMX shop the boarding house.
Donations are collected for the charity hospice care, this year we managed to raise £350. I can honestly say it is the highlight of the year for me.

2Cheers Skindog!


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