The Harry Mills Wakley Interview

18 year old Harry Mills Wakley is one of Exeter’s most progressive and most stylish riders. Now, studying for a degree in outdoor education in Liverpool, Harry has taken his style along with his bouffant further north, to hone his skills in new greener pastures.

Welcome to the Harry Mills Wakley Interview.

Photo by Tom Goldsmith

Photo by Tom Goldsmith

When did you start riding?

Must have been 10/11 years old so 7/8 years riding

Who are your sponsors?

Verde Bikes, The boarding house

Who do you ride with?

Since recently moving to Liverpool I have been riding with a lot of the riders up there and they’re all so sound. Down here I mainly ride with the Exeter crew but we travel around a lot so I ride with the Mount Hawke, Plymouth, Paignton crew and other surrounding local riders.

Who are the best local riders?

The southwest scene is so solid every rider is sick in their own individual way whether it is having big tricks or good style or both, there are so many riders which are not recognised down here which are shredders.

Who are your favourite pros?

Simone Barraco, Dakota Roche, Mike Aitken, Alex Kennedy.

What trips have you done, and how was Barcelona?


Photo by Nick Steben

I have been on a few trips the 4 main ones where two trips to unit 23 Dumbarton, Scotland it’s the best skate park I have ever been to, everyone needs to get up there.
10 days in Barcelona was amazing, sick riding spots, cool city, sun and beaches. We also spent 4 days in Hastings visiting the BMX distributions IMG, 4 Down, the Source and Seventies. There was also a quick session the Nike 6.0 tunnel, Source BMX shop Bowl and Seventies Our house.
The recent Scotland trip was so good. Lots of riding was done and the video will hopefully be a good watch when it comes out. Lots of entertaining moments, especially when skinner and homesy put a hole in the Travelodge wall and when curry said he once ordered a chicken burger from KFC and got a fish burger.

Any trips planned?

Hopefully lots of trips to come in the new year but nothing major planned. I would really be up for going back to Barcelona sometime but just up for finding and riding new spots.


Photo by Tom Goldsmith

What else do you do besides riding?

When I am not riding I’m usually on a PC doing uni work or chilling with the homies. I use to ride motocross but stopped for a few years due to injury but I am real keen to get back riding again.

 Who are the photographers you work with?

The southwest is producing lots of dialled filmers and photographers such as Tom Goldsmith, Jonathan Williams, Andrew Murtagh. They’re all sick at taking photos check them out of Videographers in the southwest consist of Tom Goldsmith, Cal Earnshaw and Ryan Hallett. Check these guys out on

Best competition results?

Ahh competitions, they are fun to ride in as you do get a buzz from it but I never really have done brilliantly. James Holmes is the man when it’s Comp time he just goes completely bonkers fair play to the NUTTER.


Photo by Nick Steben

What’s the scariest spot you’ve ridden? What did you do on it?

The scariest spot I have ridden was a derelict bit of land in Exeter, you had to jump of a rough bit of path drop 8ft into a thin grass bank. I did a tuck no-hander off of it. It took a few goes as it was so scary. Unit 23 replica of the original little devil bowl is really scary to ride as the ramps a real big and fast.

What are the worst injuries you’ve sustained and how?

I have been lucky on the injury side of things just lots of cuts and bruises nothing serious (touch wood). The worst one was a cut eye brow by trying to toothy hanger down area skate park rail my forks snapped and I hit the floor hard, I needed a fair few stitches but that was it.

 Cheers Hazza.

Here’s a little edit of Harry from Verde Bikes

Verde BMX – Harry Mills – Welcome to the Team from Verde Bikes on Vimeo.


Jack Johns Interview for Facial Magazine – Barrels & Moustaches

In a sport heavily dominated by the southern hemisphere, Northern Europe doesn’t exactly spring to mind as a destination to find talented bodyboarders. Hailing from Cornwall’s sunny seaside town of Penzance, 26 year old, former British Bodyboard champ Jack Johns spent his youth travelling the world with his bodyboard under his arm.  He gained a reputation for himself in the best waves the world has to offer, all the time sporting one hell of a gentlemen’s moustache.

After seeing photos scattered across the world wide web of his recent Irish adventure amongst one of Europe’s most infamous waves (Aileen’s) alongside current world number one Dave Winchester, we thought we’d catch up with the Cornish gent to talk careers and facial hair.

Firstly what do the ladies make of that mo?

“The ladies seem to love it, but not so much my girlfriend.”

jack johns mo

Facial hair jealousy?

“I Went to Austria this summer and there were some serious lederhosen, beard combos… it was awesome.”

Facial hair the world could do without?

“A freshly shaven face, with a long stringy goatee.”

Any plans for Movember?

I just want to relax as I’ve just moved into a new house in Porthleven and like to spend some time here before I disappear off anywhere.”

How long have you been riding the boogie?

“A fair few years; since I was a kid really.”

Favorite wave?

“As a destination I love the waves we get in Ireland, they usually fulfil my needs. Aileen’s for the scare factor and the big barrels and just all the other fun waves over there.”

Jack on a bomb at Aileens - Mickey Smith

Jack on a bomb at Aileens – Mickey Smith

Who are your sponsors?

“NMD boards, Zion Wetsuits, Soyroll, LeCerfBlanc, Stealth and SAS (Surfers Against Sewage).”

Do you have any trips planned?

“I’m heading to Gran Canaria at the end of the month for a few weeks, but other than that I like to keep my options open, wait for swells and just do a few trips to Scotland and Ireland.”

When you’re not floating around in the sea what are you up to?

“I’m a freelance camera assistant, but I have to travel to London for that, so when I’m down here (in Cornwall) I put most my time into my business,”

What are your career aspirations?

“Dude, don’t ask me that, such a hard one to answer without sounding like a knob. I’m pretty happy with the work I’ve been doing recently, I’ve been learning a lot as a camera assistant, but I guess one day I’d love to be a DOP. (Director of photography)”

Current World number 1, Dave Winchester, was quoted saying he’d like to see you get the funds to make a go at the world tour. Do you fancy it?

“Geez, I’d love to give the IBA (International Bodyboard Association) tour a go, it would take a lot of commitment and pretty much the whole year travelling, but if someone was to give me the money to do so, I would jump at the chance.”

Boogtique seems like it’s been a real success not only as a business, but also at pushing the UK Bodyboarding scene further. How has it been creating a business out of the sport?

“It’s been awesome; Fintan (Gillespie) and I both feel pretty proud of setting it up. It’s still more for the love at the moment as it’s not making us any money, but we’ve learnt a lot and we’ve had fun doing it.”

This year’s pro model looks like a real beaut? How long have you been with NMD, and how has that been?

“I’ve been with them for around 6 years now and the boards just keep getting better and better.”

You’ve been pretty fortunate to be able to work alongside Mickey Smith on so many of his projects; do you guys have anything more lined up?

“We just did a pretty mega 6 week stint filming on a commercial around Europe and Mick’s still stuck in the edit suite trying to get it finished off, so once he’s done with that I think he’ll want to chill for a while…. but who knows, he’s always creating something.”

Cheers mate, any shout outs?

“Love to Ruthie (jacks girlfriend), my mates and those supporting the Mo cause.”


run to the sea – jack johns from Jack Johns on Vimeo.

bit of nostalgia, all footage from over three years ago.
All filmed within UK and Ireland.
Filmed by: Andrew Course. Allan Wilson. Richard Stewart.