Modern Age….

My mind doesn’t like to wander as much as I’d like, and when I think I’m onto something or I’ve found a new theory, it’s usually ‘insomnia bullshit.’

After an unproductive day, mostly wandering around online, I’m thinking about the net, and as a so called aspiring journalist, it’s kinda scary. I’ve been at Uni for almost a whole academic year and nearly every day it’s drilled into me how we need to change the practice of journalism, how the physical form is dying out, and how much extra work needs to be put in to make an online presence. I’ve even written essays about it.

Has internet killed the romance of traditional writing?? I love the feel of a properly produced magazine, there’s not that many about either, at least not surfing ones. But have we seen the last of them already? Am I being melodramatic? Pretentious even?  Shit I hope not, but is the idea of running my own publication one day even realistic anymore? Facebook’s sucking the life out of everything. Everyone is starting their own blog, their own online magazine but to what detriment? Is there any need for professionals anymore?

I sound like someone’s bitter Grandparents, frightened by the prospect of change. I’m only 20. Hell, I grew up in this age. I’ve never experienced life without the internet. Anyway, is the net such a bad guy? If I want to (and believe me I do), I can spend all day watching videos for free, I can find out how someone else feels about something the other side of the globe and learn about something I have no idea about.  It’s given everybody the chance to share what they do, be it writing, photography or to show us how to grow a great beard.

As writing moves from print to online, a new canvas has been presented, and it’s so much bigger than it was before. Yeah it’s made it more competitive but doesn’t that mean the quality of work will improve and yeah physical magazines are struggling, but it’s just calling for everyone to step up their game. A magazine will survive in print if it’s worth having in print. Let’s just hope I’ve written something worthwhile in 10 years-time!

Anyway, here’s something to let your mind drift…


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