I think it’s fair to say, the world’s Bodyboarding community has been pretty excited about this one for a while now and I’m sure I’m not the only one to have rinsed my internet usage on the various clips to emerge from the project.
The movie has had a fairly high profile since the crew started filming, and together with the backing it had from Grand Flavour, Le Boogie and Zion and the list of riders involved with the project, its not hard to see why.

The Sandsifter in Gwithian held a Premier night for the Mega Movie, and by the sounds of it, with the help from the guys at Bodyboard Central in Hayle, a good night was had by all, giving local boogers a chance to look at something else rather than 2ft windy slop.
Here’s Threesixty’s report of the evening… (my poor organisational skills and lack of funds let me down and I didn’t make it)

It’s the first production to come from Will Hodgett but judging from these clips, the guy knows what he’s doing…

South Oz Section:

Chris James Scraps:

Let’s hope there’s more to come!


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