Kernow King

If you haven’t heard of Kernow King before check out the video below, the guys hilarious and he’s doing good things for Cornwall…

Here’s a piece of work I had published online for Flex Student Newspaper, back in November about Kernow King. I know its a bit old now but check it out if you’re interested….

Kernow King Launches Signature Ale

By Chris Hunt

Amateur film maker, 32-year old Edward Rowe, from Falmouth, or Kernow King as he’s known by his followers, launched his own signature ale this month.

On the 11th of November, The Hogswood Brewing co. presented the ‘Kernow King Ale’: “Hogswood got in touch and suggested whether we should do one and we were like, yeah why not? Let’s do it,” explained the Cornish comic.

Kernow King gained a large online following over the past year through his online videos, and social media accounts. Rowe’s love for the county shines through as he promotes the county in his comical videos

“We Love Cornwall and everything about it, I’m Cornish, all my family are Cornish and I just like to think that we’re a good bunch of people having a good time.”

The aim of the videos is to promote tourism in Cornwall. They feature local businesses and showcase the counties beauty.

“It all started in January 2010, when there was a competition to win a trip to Los Angeles, in California, and basically I took the micky out of an advert on TV with Jay Leno and a load of other stars in it and did a Cornish version and won.”

After uploading videos such as the ‘pasty diet’ and the ‘Cornish Census,’ Kernow King “suddenly just became really popular” added Edward Rowe.

Kernow Kings quirky take on Cornish life has been really well received across the country. “Only one,” person took offence to the videos “and he wasn’t Cornish” says the film maker.

The Kernow King Ale is available at the Taphouse and the Driftwood spars hotel in St. Agnes.


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