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I think it’s fair to say, the world’s Bodyboarding community has been pretty excited about this one for a while now and I’m sure I’m not the only one to have rinsed my internet usage on the various clips to emerge from the project.
The movie has had a fairly high profile since the crew started filming, and together with the backing it had from Grand Flavour, Le Boogie and Zion and the list of riders involved with the project, its not hard to see why.

The Sandsifter in Gwithian held a Premier night for the Mega Movie, and by the sounds of it, with the help from the guys at Bodyboard Central in Hayle, a good night was had by all, giving local boogers a chance to look at something else rather than 2ft windy slop.
Here’s Threesixty’s report of the evening… (my poor organisational skills and lack of funds let me down and I didn’t make it)

It’s the first production to come from Will Hodgett but judging from these clips, the guy knows what he’s doing…

South Oz Section:

Chris James Scraps:

Let’s hope there’s more to come!

Kernow King

If you haven’t heard of Kernow King before check out the video below, the guys hilarious and he’s doing good things for Cornwall…

Here’s a piece of work I had published online for Flex Student Newspaper, back in November about Kernow King. I know its a bit old now but check it out if you’re interested….

Kernow King Launches Signature Ale

By Chris Hunt

Amateur film maker, 32-year old Edward Rowe, from Falmouth, or Kernow King as he’s known by his followers, launched his own signature ale this month.

On the 11th of November, The Hogswood Brewing co. presented the ‘Kernow King Ale’: “Hogswood got in touch and suggested whether we should do one and we were like, yeah why not? Let’s do it,” explained the Cornish comic.

Kernow King gained a large online following over the past year through his online videos, and social media accounts. Rowe’s love for the county shines through as he promotes the county in his comical videos

“We Love Cornwall and everything about it, I’m Cornish, all my family are Cornish and I just like to think that we’re a good bunch of people having a good time.”

The aim of the videos is to promote tourism in Cornwall. They feature local businesses and showcase the counties beauty.

“It all started in January 2010, when there was a competition to win a trip to Los Angeles, in California, and basically I took the micky out of an advert on TV with Jay Leno and a load of other stars in it and did a Cornish version and won.”

After uploading videos such as the ‘pasty diet’ and the ‘Cornish Census,’ Kernow King “suddenly just became really popular” added Edward Rowe.

Kernow Kings quirky take on Cornish life has been really well received across the country. “Only one,” person took offence to the videos “and he wasn’t Cornish” says the film maker.

The Kernow King Ale is available at the Taphouse and the Driftwood spars hotel in St. Agnes.

Introducing Zac Gibson Photography

All Photos By Zac Gibson

Whilst juggling a university degree and a part-time job in the local supermarket, in 2011 Exeter based photographer, Zac Gibson managed to document the better waves to grace our shores.

With frequent runs of swell and a keen set of watermen in tow, the decision no student should have to make had to be faced: waves or work?

In mid September a solid swell accompanied by a strong period saw Zac and myself head up to a certain North coast wedging beachy for some quiet mid week barrels. Unfortunately it seemed everyone had the same idea. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say everyone got some corkers that day, and the quality of the waves that day, for me, cemeted its position as one of the best waves the UK has to offer.

Zac shoots with a variety of different riders in the UK whenever he gets the chance, including some of the Exeter boys as well as British Longboard champion Ben Haworth.

Last year, the chance to shoot with the North Devon Crew in Fuerteventura presented itself, and during a late season trip to Hossegor scored some shots of French professional surfer Marc Lacomore.

“I really enjoy France and the Canaries, really nice waves and weather and it’s not too far to travel,”  Said Zac.

With a spring getaway to Fuertventura and a boat trip lined up in the Maldives, to shoot the Elusive team, 2012 already looks to be an epic year for the eager photographer, but the Devon lad still has his sights set on British waters:

“I really want to do more travelling around the UK, like Ireland and particularly Scotland. I’m finishing my degree in a couple of months, so keen to travel some more.”

The Bubble, Fuerteventura

Last year Zac had a couple of shots published, including a couple of photos used for Elusive Clothing adverts in both Wavelength and Pitpilot magazine, and will be one to look out for in 2012.

Heres a handful of Zacs surf shots from over the past year:

Check out  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zac-Gibson-Photography/114737695215993?sk=photos for contact details and to see more of Zacs work.

World-Class Wave Under Threat

Anyone who surfs knows Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico as home to some of the biggest heaviest waves in the world, but what you may not know is that alongside the chaos of Zicatela (Mexpipe) lies what’s considered to be one of the best bodyboarding waves in the World, Punta Colorada. However, with Marina developments confirmed, the future for Colorada is in serious danger.

The plans were given the go ahead after the nearby marina in Marinero became overcrowded. It seems that Procamar, a Mexican construction company that specializes in jetties and marinas, who are the company taking the plans forward, not only overlooked the abundance of wildlife here but also the effects on travelling surfers have had on the local economy, during a 3 week study.

Check out these empty wave shots from Colorada: Photos By Grant Nutter unless otherwise stated.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s not just the surfing community that will loose out if the construction goes ahead, the area is a sanctuary for all sorts of wildlife. The lagoon is well known for its crocodiles as well and various species of birds and the surrounding waters are home to an abundance of sea life including turtles, yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi, sailfish and dolphins.

Proposed plans for marina at Punta Colorada Photo from http://www.e-consuta.com/oaxaca

In 2010 I  was lucky enough to spend 6 weeks in Puerto, of which I spent the majority of my mornings copping beatings and the occasional nugget at Colorada, and afternoons avoiding the sun. The wave blew me away, wedging peaks pop up all over the place offering big pits and air sections just meters from the shoreline. Loosing this wave and it’s natural environment would be a real shame.

“It attracts anyone who rides a bodyboard, the joint is made for it, it’s short and intense and right on the shore….pure fun!,” says professional Bodyboarder Matt Lackey in a recent interview for Movement magazine. “It would be a tragedy, that wave alone brings thousands of bodyboarders into puerto each year, which means thousands of dollars spent into the towns economy. Plus that wave is a breeding ground for up and coming Mexican bodyboarders…it helps shape the future for bodyboarding in Mexico.”

Unfortunately with coastal developments becoming more frequent this kind of destruction is not uncommon, and this wouldn’t be the first time a Mexican wave fell victim to human construction. Petacalco, located at the mouth of Rio Balsas on the Guerrero coast, used to be known as a perfect hollow A-frame.  In 1975, Japanese financers funded the largest steel mill in the third world, and constructed a hydroelectric dam upstream of Petacalco on the Rio Balsas, stopping the necessary flow of sand to maintain the sand bars. The harbour and accompanying jetties combined with a large south swell in August of 1975 resulted in so much sand being removed from the beach the wave was ruined for ever.

A Battle has begun between the International surfing community and the Mexican government to save the Punta Colorada. Petitions have been set up and professional surfers all over the world have been contacted to make noise for Colorada, and the wave was recently added as an endangered wave to be protected to the ‘Save The Waves Coalition’ website.

If you hope to surf Punta Colorada one day please sign the online petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/punta-colorada-natural-reserve-puerto-escondido-oaxaca-mexico/

And check out the Save Colorada Facebook page for updates:http://www.facebook.com/Save.Colorada

For more information about waves in danger and those already extinct take a look at: http://www.savethewaves.org/

Here’s a little clip from Josh Garner at Punta Colorada: